Go South to Freedom

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Go South to Freedom, 

Illustrated by Anne Kent Rush

More than twenty years ago, Robert Croshon, an elderly friend of Frye Gaillard, recounted the story of Croshon’s ancestor, Gilbert Fields, an African-born slave from Georgia who led his family on a daring flight to freedom. According to the story, Fields and his family ran away one stormy night, intending to travel north under cover of darkness. But clouds obscured the stars, and when morning came Fields and the others discovered they had been running south instead. They had no choice but to keep going, seeking sanctuary with the Seminole Indians of Florida and later a community of free blacks in Mobile, AL.

In Go South to Freedom, Gaillard expands this oral history into a novel for young readers, weaving the story of Gilbert Fields through the nearly forgotten history of the Seminoles and their alliance with runaway slaves; as Gaillard’s narrative makes clear, the Seminole Wars of the 1830s, in which Indians fought side by side with former slaves, represent the largest slave uprising in American history. Beautifully illustrated by Anne Kent Rush, Go South to Freedom is a gripping story for readers of any age.

“An informative and well-told story…”
- Kirkus