New Edition from NewSouth Books, 2015

The Quilt and the Poetry of Alabama Music, by Frye Gaillard and Kathryn Scheldt

In this book-length combination of essays and song lyrics, Frye Gaillard and Kathryn Scheldt pay tribute to the literary legacy of Alabama’s songwriters. Since 2008, Gaillard and Scheldt, a singer-songwriter from Fairhope, AL, have co-written three album’s worth of songs, including Scheldt’s top ten country hit, “Almost Cheatin’,” and “The Last Shrimp Boat,” which anchors the soundtrack of the documentary, In the Path of the Storms. Working with hall of fame guitarist Ricky Hirsch, Gaillard and Scheldt are completing work on “The Quilt and Other Song Stories,” an Americana album to accompany this book. The book and CD are now available separately or together. The book, published with the support of The History Museum of Mobile, is an inaugural publication of Solomon & George, a new literary publisher in Auburn, AL.